With over 50 years of expertise in the Specialty Chemical business, you can trust SERVCO to exceed your expectations.

Grimes Pearson, former regional specialty chemical distributor for plan sanitation, founded SERVCO in 1984. At that time SERVCO’s primary focus was serving the meat industry with detergents and cleaners. In 1997, the Pearson family elected to sell SERVCO to then current employee Dale Taylor and his family.

With over 20 years of experience in the specialty chemical business the Taylor Family began establishing SERVCO to the level it is today. Since 1997, SERVCO has grown in size and scope, now covering the central United States, not only in the meat and food industry but also in the ever-growing dairy, ethanol, and petroleum industry.

With its roots firmly established in the sanitation chemical business, SERVCO began to expand its product line to include various specialty chemicals. By focusing on products formulated to pre-set standards SERVCO has been able to guarantee product consistency and enhanced performance. This hands-on approach to customer service and customer satisfaction has allowed SERVCO to grow from one sales representative to five full time representatives charged with providing around-the-clock support for their complete product line.

In 2005, SERVCO continued to diversify its services by introducing bulk tanker shipments to their clientele. This expansion has allowed customers to take advantage of high cost savings with superior handling efficiency.

In 2011, SERVCO expanded to serve the ever-growing petroleum industry in the Permian Basin. In addition, SERVCO constructed a Railroad Storage and Transload Complex. This facility and expansion has allowed SERVCO to expand our product line and services to all customers.

These sound business practices, along with leadership’s willingness to change with the times, are the primary reasons SERVCO continues to be recognized as a premier leader in the chemical business. Though times may change, SERVCO’s family approach to business continues to set the industry standard in customer service.

Dale Taylor

Debbie Taylor